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Aitor Alonso

Computer engineer

Hello! I'm Aitor, a full-stack computer science engineer from Spain.

I work for Acid Tango as a Project Manager and Tech Lead in software development projects. I mainly develop back-end REST APIs using Domain Driven Design and Clean Architectures. However, I have also actively participated as a developer in web and mobile front-end developments inside the company.

Before doing professional software development, I started as a Linux system administrator while still finishing my degree. I love Linux systems, and I have maintained (and still do) my own servers for years. Even now that I work currently on my Windows, I feel like a fish out of water if I have not access to a UNIX shell. If you have come through my blog, you may have already found some WSL related articles.

I like to play around with many technologies such as Docker, Terraform, and some Node.js and React frameworks like Nest.js, Next.js and Expo. I also investigate about networking, AI and math.

This is my little place on the internet, where I enjoy showing what I do or what I learned, and maybe you that are here will find it interesting or useful 😉.